News – Annual General Meeting 2023


In 1987 our Glan Cleddau Dancers toured Germany and carried a letter from the Mayor of Haverfordwest to each town they visited.

The Oberburgermeister of Oberkirch, Herr Willi Stachele, was so impressed with the friendliness shown that he contacted the Town Clerk suggesting that a Partnership could be formed.

The Town Council sent the Mayor, Sheriff and the Deputy Mayor to Germany so that a clearer understanding of Oberkirch could be formed. This in turn was followed by a visit to our town by the Oberburgermeister and councillors.

The Town Council remained enthusiastic but felt that it was important to seek the opinion of the townspeople. This was only 43 years after the end of World War 2 and some wounds take time to heal.

A Public Meeting was called. The response from the townspeople was overwhelming and a packed hall asked the Town Council to begin proceedings.

This enthusiasm was reflected by the fact that three full coaches went out for the signing of the Charter by the Mayors of both towns. The hospitality was tremendous and our people feared that our visitors would be disappointed with what we had to offer

Anyone who saw the tears of our German friends when their hosts sang  ‘We’ll keep a welcome in the hillsides’ realized that, although different, the hospitality shown by those pioneers of Twinning was equal to that shown in Oberkirch.

The enthusiasm shown in those early days remains unwavering. From the numerous visits to and fro, old friendships continue, new ones are made and none more important than those between the young people of both towns.

The Town Council’s support has been unwavering and this was never more obvious than its financial contribution towards the preparations for the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of  2014.

Oberkirch is a prosperous town and its Council has generously supported its Twinning Association. Our town is not so prosperous but the support of our Council has helped  us to produce and sustain one of the most long lasting Twinning Associations in Wales.

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