The History of the Haverfordwest Twinning Association

The idea of Haverfordwest being twinned with another town in Europe has its roots back in 1987, when a local dance group, the Glencleddau Dancers, during an official visit to Oberkirch in Germany, conveyed greetings and best wishes from the Mayor, Town Council and all residents of the county town of Haverfordwest, as a gesture of their friendship.

This was followed by an official delegation from Oberkirch visiting our town in April 1988. The following September saw representatives from the Haverfordwest Town Council making a return visit to Oberkirch.

The Town Council recognised that it would need help to organise and sustain the Twinning agreement with Oberkirch, and hence the Haverfordwest Twinning Association was born and is still thriving.

People from both towns were eager to promote a special relationship with each other, hoping to promote exchanges of local customs and lifestyles and to give residents of all ages the chance to experience a different culture. At the time all our local schools taught German so it was good practice for our students to try out their language skills!

The official ceremonies to twin both towns were held in  Haverfordwest and Oberkirch during 1989 when the respective Mayors from both towns signed a specially designed and commissioned Charter. Our connection has only strengthened over the years, with many exchanges having taken place. Many people of all ages, who really enjoy the experience of being able to sample a brief glimpse into the lifestyle and culture of another country, return to Oberkirch at every opportunity, and have made long term friendships there.

Although many of the original Twinning Association members are still actively holding important roles within it. and their experience and knowledge is invaluable, new members are always encouraged to become involved and warmly welcomed to meetings.

If you would like to join or just attend a meeting to see what it’s all about, please contact the Secretary whose details can be found in the contact us page.